Elliptical Reviews and Buying Guide

Looking for the best elliptical trainer to bring your exercise away from the gym and into the comfort of your own home? We’re here to offer you the help, reviews, and advice you need to make the right decision regarding all of the various options available on the market today. Here you can get the assistance you need to make an informed decision, and start having wonderful work outs at home.

Why Buy An Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical trainers are designed to give exercising users a smoother form of cardiovascular workout, the intensity of which can vary according to your particular preference and the resistance level that you choose. Most of the time, an elliptical trainer will work on both your lower and upper body, although some models will come without the upper body components required to give you a more balanced workout. It is important to remember that the aim of an elliptical trainer is to elevate the heart-rate not build your muscles.

Does It Hurt Your Joints

Actually, one of the main things that appeals to elliptical users is that they aim to put as little pressure as possible upon your joints. The motion of the machine is intended to be smooth, comfortable, and natural, making it far preferable to tread machines and bikes by many exercising enthusiasts, especially if they are already suffering with joint problems.

How Can It compare To Other Forms Of Exercise

When it comes to cardio exercise, nothing excels quite like an elliptical trainer. It’s great for general fitness and weight loss, providing a similar effect to running on a treadmill, but it is also more comfortable to use. However, it will not provide the same form of complete body exercise as swimming.

What To Consider When Choosing An Elliptical Trainer

One of the things you will have to think about when you are selecting your elliptical trainer is whether you are going to want a front wheel trainer or a rear wheel trainer. The position of the mechanism for resistance has an effect on the way the elliptical path feels. Often, elliptical trainers with a front wheel design have a long flat path that matches those that you might use in a gym or health club, whereas rear-wheel trainers come with a rounder, higher path.

Often elliptical with front wheel paths are longer in length than those with rear wheel designs, measuring anywhere between six to eight feet, and they can have more features too, leading to a greater amount of expense often being paid out for these machines.

How Long Do You Need Your Stride To Be

One of the most important considerations when you are purchasing a new elliptical trainer will be the length of stride you need to purchase. When you are particularly tall, you will often find that a longer length of stride is more comfortable for you, as the motion will be more natural and fluid. As a general rule, most rear-wheel elliptical machines have shorter lengths of stride, and some have been designed particularly for shorter users.

What’s The Resistant Mechanism About

Just about any elliptical trainer that you come across will use a magnetic resistance system, and the difference to be seen in this revolves around the weight of the flywheel. Generally, as the weight of the flywheel becomes heavier, you can expect the exercise to be smoother.

What Monitoring Features Should You Look For

Many elliptical machines come with standard monitor features such as distance, calories burned, speed, and time. Different trainers will come with different programs, and many models will come packed with useful heart-rate sensors within the hand grip. Some more expensive options will include programs dedicated to recovering your heart rate properly, which respond to the beat of your heat in order to create a cardio workout that is optimal for you.

How Durable Should The Elliptical Be

Most home-based models are designed to be used on a regular basis by one or two uses, and they often come with a reasonable length of warranty on the moving parts, as well as the frame itself. Because they are used on a regular basis, sometimes for several hours a day, the elliptical you purchase should be sturdy and durable.

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